Tektite Rarities

In most major shipments, there are one or two real oddballs. We'll try to get them posted on this page.

Hollow (bubble-cored) Spheres & Biscuits!

Here's something special! Samples of 780,000 year old atmosphere trapped in balls of glass with centimeter thick walls. These cosmic soap bubbles are remarkably consistent, with 25 to 35% of their volume as void space. What were conditions like to create bubbles like these?

These are fantastic for integrated classroom studies. Measure the specific gravities of solid tektites. Measure these. Calculate the volumes. Sketch out the interior form from these data. Talk through the analytical possibilities. Consider the conditions of formation. And more---

These are rare! This is probably the largest listing in one place ever!

#R106: This is a thailandite biscuit 55 mm in diameter and 37 mm thick, weighing 107.5 gms. Alerted by anomalously light weight, we checked the specific gravity, and got 1.83 g/cc. Typical similar pieces from this location yield measurements around 2.41 g/cc. This biscuit is hollow!. Doing the math, the missing mass would be explained by a spherical bubble about 33.7 mm in diameter. If the bubble is oblate such that the top and bottom walls are 5mm thick, then the sidewalls would be about 7 mm thick, which pretty well fits with observed character of bubble-wall shards.$325.00 Sold

Here are some new ones:

Here's a strange one. A partially collapsed monster---maybe a two-compartment bubble? 247.6 grams, just barely shy of a quarter kilo. Specific gravity 1.934 g/cc (if solid, would be about 2.4 g/cc), so this one still has a substantial bubble. But one end has collapsed, and you can see a deep pit (a resealed hole?) where it probably leaked. Click on image for more details.

Here's quite an amazing specimen: 311.2 grams! VERY BIG at face value - - - but given its volume it should weigh 421 gms. With a specific gravity of 1.781 g/cc (vs. normal SG of about 2.414), about 26% of the volume of this big beauty is an air bubble! Guangdong, China. For you research types, here's a nice big sample of the impact atmosphere 800,000 years ago! $750 sold
This flawless biscuit weighs in at 230.2 grams. Given its volume, it should weigh 340 gms. With a specific gravity of 1.631 g/cc, about 32.3% of this specimen's volume is bubble (one of the biggest bubbles of any of the hollows listed). $700 SOLD
This oblate sphereoid weighs 188.7 gms versus an expected normal weight of 277 gms. With a specific gravity of 1.642, this ball is 31.9% bubble! $300 Sold
Here's a smaller example at 74.9 gms. Expected normal weight: 108.5 gms. SG = 1.664; about 30.9% of the volume is bubble. $200

new bubble-cored Lei gong mo. (2005 additions!)

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  2005: I may not sell this one--- I've gotta keep one for our collection somewhere along the line. But if you want it, try me.  You might catch me at a weak moment! This MONSTER 305.2 gm biscuit has a specific gravity of 1.858 g/cu. cm, suggesting a bubble volume of 23% . $750
  2005: Flawless, glossy 263.3 gm biscuit with unusual white soil in ornamentation. Easily removed, but I left it there so you can choose. Specific gravity 1.89, indicating that about 22% of the volume of this piece is bubble! Without the bubble, this big guy should weigh about 338 grams for its size. $700
  2005: A gorgeous symmetrical biscuit with a great starburst ray impact feature. Flawless skin. Specific gravity of 1.802 g/cc indicating 25.2% bubble. A true museum piece at a whopping 258.1 grams. $700  Sold
Glorious hollow 257.1 gm oblate sphereoid, very light. Flawless, beautifully ornamented skin. Density 1.642g/cc. 32.0% bubble! $700
   Another hollow oblate sphereoid. Great starburst rays on one side. A beautiful specimen. 190.2 gms, Density 1.594 g/cc. 34% bubble!!! (That's big!)
  2005: Another fine symmetrical biscuit at 163.0 gms. BUT WAIT! Specific gravity = 1.640 . This beauty is 32% bubble!!! It has a pretty good starburst impact feature as well. $350Sold
  2005: Here's a trophy when it comes to bottled up 780,000 year old atmosphere! 154.1 grams. SG =1.600  A HUGE 34% of volume bubble!! I think this is the biggest bubble We've ever handled!

  2005: Glossy, flawless, 137.3 gms. Specific Gravity 1.727, giving about 28% bubble. A beautiful biscuit.

   2005: Another pretty piece with a good bubble. This one weighs 128.1 gms and has a specific gravity of 1.807, indicating a 25% bubble volume. $250
Nearly spherical hollow-ball. 106.8 gms. Density 1.638 g/cc. 32.2% bubble. $325
    2005: Here's an economy piece. The surface is pretty well dinged up and abraded, but the ancient air is still in there! 104.1 gms, specific gravity=1.629! for a bubble volume of a whopping 32.4%. A great study piece at $200sold
Another near-spherical hollow-ball. 77.6 gms. Density 1.646, 31.8% bubble $200
Here's a half bubble to help you visualize the innards of the pieces above. This would be a fairly typical large bubble.

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