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Update February 2012

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Muong Nong layered tektites. Our inventory is going fast. Most of the unpictured material previously listed is sold. We've still got a few prime specimens that we'll be listing individually

. A note on Muong Nong quality: most of this material is recovered from bomb craters in eastern Laos. As a consequence, virtually all specimens show some degree of recent chipping. The "A" quality category below will include minor and generally inconspicuous chips. "B" category specimens will have significant chips, but will generally have a good display side. "C" category specimens received a direct hit. This material is suitable for study, cutting, or ultra low budget collection starters. The following lists are priced by the gram. If you have questions feel free to email us and we'll send descriptions or if available, images.

"A" quality; $0.35/gram: sizes available: 658.3,, 358.5, 353.5, 352.7, 324.5, 268.4, 211.4, 205.0, 199.3, 194.3, 169.8, 168.9, 166.2, 163.6, 154.9, 148.0, 117.2, 112.8, 104.1, 38.0.

"B" quality; $0.20/gram; sizes available: 624.6, 472.1, 399.7, 386.6, 193.4, 173.5, 146.4, 134.4, 118.1, 39.0

"C" quality; $0.10/gram; sizes available: 390.8, 327.3, 275.8, 235.3, 200.0, 189.3, 187.8, 186.1, 182.2, 155.1, 140.3, 87.8

Note: the above availability list is not completely current. Ask if your chosen size is still here.

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Note: We're gradually moving to individual subject pages. The remaining material in this catalog is current as of 3/15/06
big muong 2


Muong Nong

Muong Nong Tektites are peculiar beasts. They originated as pools of glass, fused from the local soils somewhere near ground zero. There is no evidence that they left the ground--just huge, layered blocks of tektite glass, the fragmented remnants of literal puddles. Hard to come by, especially at this monumental size. Here's another monster Muong Nong. Try on 762 grams (1.68 pounds!!!) of layered glory with only a few small terrestrial chips (i.e., about as good as they get!) 156mm (6.1") X 84.5 mm X 44 mm. A classic!
$295.00 Sold





Here is another of the classic geometries: the "patty". These form either as blobs of glass spin like a frisbie, or more commonly, as a spherical orb of glass splats onto the earth. This example is above average size at 108.5 gms, 65mm X 20mm. it has two barely noticeable terrestrial nicks. Priced at $71.00. Sold(Compare elsewhere at$1.00/gm!).


 Perfect form


 Muong Nong

Here's a smooth, essentially flawless Muong Nong with aesthetic smoothly curving surfaces and ornamental form. Layering is subtle, as this piece is from a uniform single layer. 258.2 gms. 110.2mm X 65mm X 36mm. Nice display piece. Laos. $95.00


Great sculptural form!


 Lei gong mo

You've gotta hold this lunker in your hands to fully appreciate its massive bulk! I bought this one individually, and got a good deal due to the presence of a terrestrial chip on one side of the tail tip (doesn't show on display side). I'll pass the bargain along to you. At 121.6 gms, this is a HUGE teardrop. 92.3mm (3.6") X 42.5mm X 33.7mm. $65.00 Sold  


 Massive bulbous drop!

 Lei gong mo

the previously listed GRANDADDY patty has been sold. Here's the new one.*** !!236.3 grams!!*** Once a patty surpasses 200 gms, it's in a class above "big". These lunkers are rare, and the value is going to skyrocket over time. 81.9 mm X 74.0 mm X 25.0 mm. There are some very thin exfoliated chips on the basal surface, but the top is flawless. Click on the small image to see the chips. $235.00Sold  

# 1050

Can you say "Monster!"?

 "Lei gong mo" has precedence as the proper name for Chinese Tektites



Another great big patty. 160.0 gms (very large!). 74X65X18mm. No chips. This is a big hunk of tektite! $115.00Sold  


 a classic form


 Aouelloul Glass!!!

You've read about it in every tektite treatise, but it's almost impossible to find on the market. Aouelloul (pronounced Wah lool) glass comes from a 250 m diameter crater  near Adar, Mauritania, dated at about 3.3 million yrs. Pale, brownish gray vesiculated glass lacking distinctive external morphology. Quite similar to Darwin Glass. See Aouelloul page


 ----RARE!!---The guy that collected this suffered heatstroke and doesn't think there's enough left to justify another trip.


 Ries gray impact glass

Another seldom offered impact glass. Gray impact-melt bombs weather from Suevite breccias in the 15 million year old Ries crater near Stuttgart, Germany. This impact crater is widely believed to be the source of Moldavites. This 53.9 gm specimen resembles an ear. A very, very nice specimen! 72.2mm X 46.5mm X 23.3mm . $160.00 Sold


 Great morphology!!!



Now here's a serious dumbell. 101.1 gms. 80X20-38X17-25 mm. Both ends are a bit flattened. I suspect it cartwheeled on impact and was still sufficiently plastic to deform. This is a shape that tells a story. $75.00


 Impact modified



This 94.6 gm teardrop is curved in side-view, concave on top and convexely bulbous on the bottom. The nose is flattened. 79 X34X25mm. $68.00



oval patty


This is a VERY nice splatform oval patty, concave on both sides with a bulging rim. It's a bit flatter on the bottom and more concave on top. This is a classic at 129.1 gms, 105X49X10-20 mm. $100.00Sold




 Darwin Glass!

sold, but new stock has arrived. See Darwin glass page



 Lei gong mo (China)

When a tektite spins like a frisbie, you get patties that are deeply dimpled at the center. The logical extreme of this form should be a donut, although I have not yet seen or heard of one. I have found several nice half donuts though, and here is a great (big) example. 115.1 gms. 89.5mm X47.6mm X 25.8mm. Flawless. $58.00 (let me know if you find a complete donut!)


 A half donut!



Another oddball "bearclaw" form. This specimen is complete, with no terrestrial chips. I think this one started life as a splatted teardrop. It could be worked into a neat piece of jewelry! 15.0 gms; 63 X 19 X 13 mm. $14.00Sold





New stock in. See bediasite page

 Texas, USA



This Rizalite is quite reminiscent of an Australite core. It is lenticular with a fairly sharply angled rim cut by radial U-shaped grooves. 13.8 gms. 27mm X 27mm X 16.3mm. Bright, sparkly surface. $15.00 SEE Rizalite page


 lensoid disc


 More Rizalites!

 Save me some work and save money. The photo shows a pile of rizalites typical of my inventory. Most weight about 20 gms, but range from about 8 to about 40 g. Most are biscuits, but there are some irregular forms. Here's the deal: @$1.00/gm, tell me what you want to spend and I'll pick something that size or larger, or if your order is over $35, I'll try for a combination of several stones adding up to your total.


 mostly oblate biscuits



See moldavite teardrop page

 Cosmic Teardrop


 Libyan Desert Glass!

You've gotta have some Libyan Desert Glass. All of our Libyan Desert glass pieces are purchased directly from the original collectors, and we carefully select the best of the best. These are all flawless! gemmy! specimens with high clarity. Don't be deceived by lower prices ---you get what you pay for. There is a huge range in quality, from opaque, cloudy, beat-up bits to the top end gemmy, transparent glories with silky ventifacted skin. These are the top grade!
Pictured pieces are sold, but

Click on this text to open our new Libyan Desert Glass catalog!


 AAAAA gem quality!

Glorious stuff!!


 Lei gong mo (China)


See monster dumbell page
 Big Dumbell time!

 Ries Black impact melt

 In the Ries crater near Stuttgart, Germany (presumed source of Moldavite tektites), at least two distinct types of impact-melt glass bombs are found distributed within Suevite breccia. "Gray" and "Black". The collector who supplies my specimens says the black is now quite rare. This one is sold but I have two others specimens. email me
 Another very RARE item!


While we're on the Moldavite subject, let's toss in another classic, but poorly understood form, the curl. In the case of Indochinites, this form seems clearly to be a section of a bubble-cored biscuit, but with moldavites, I'm unsure. This is a great example from Chlum nad Malsi, Czech Republic. 17.4 gms. 36.1mm X 33.6mm X 13.3mm. Fresh terrestrial chip on thicker tail edge. $47.50 Sold


A classic mystery curl


Why didn't you tell me you were wading through all this stuff just hoping for a BIG teardrop? Ask and ye shall receive. Complete, nicely formed 100.2 gram! thailandite. 128.5mm (5.1 inches!) long X 30.77mm X 27.2mm. Has a couple of small terrestrial dings on one side, accompanied by a flawless display side , all with nice pitting and longitudinal striations. A great big, fantastic teardrop! $100.00


Whopper teardrop!


 Lei gong mo (China)

Okay, big it is. Here's a dumbell for weight-lifting routines. 1000 repetitions every 15 minutes and you'll bulk up something fierce within a month! Forget the expensive exercise machines. Just buy an expensive cosmic dumbell! 117.9 grams of pure bliss. 111.7mm (4.4") X 29.9mm X 20.1mm. Flawless, great symmetry. My wife says "$200? $250???" But NO, if you call in the next 10 minutes (or anytime thereafter), you can be on the road to better health and Nirvana for just $150


 So, you like BIG???


Ries gray impact-melt

 If you've been reading along with me, you know the story. Ries crater. 15 million years. Stuttgart, Germany. Moldavite source. Gray impact glass weathering from Suevite breccia in the crater. This part is new: "Monster competition-grade world-class specimen. Clean. Nicely featured. Displays elegantly. Author should've quit writing 5 hours ago. The picture shows the display side well. The back is nondescript, but all is flawless. Collected by Harald Stehlik, Austria. 181.9 grams. 121.3 mm (4.8") X 54.5 mm X 33.8 mm. $350.00


 As good as it's gonna get---

bulk mix     
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 Lei gong mo (China)

Massive blobs of glass tend to retain heat (and plasticity) longer than smaller bits. As a result, most of the larger tektites in the ground zero region are splatforms. Here is an exception: a very large bulbous teardrop with minimal impact-related deformation. Highly symmetrical. 83.4 grams. 70.3mm X 39.0mm X 34.5mm . Has a few very minor terrestrial chips and dings. $63.00


 HUGE symmetrical tear

Ries gray impact-melt 

Another fine, rare Ries crater gray impact-melt bomb! This one shows very prominent longitudinal skin wrinkles, and on the side not visible in the photo, the striated surface wraps around like the whorls on a snail. This is very reminiscent of volcanic spindle-bombs, and I suspect that this reflects exactly the same mode of origin: a blob of glass spinning about its long axis and wrapping itself into a spindle! A very, very fine specimen! 79.7 gms. 123mm (4.8") X 32.4mm X 19.6mm. $160.00SOLD


Early-stage Spindle-bomb?

TIBETIAN Tektites!

Reportedly these are held to be sacred in Tibet, and may be accepted by monasteries in lieu of financial offerings! There are also rumors that the only guy that was bringing these out of their remote source area has disappeared. The crystal power folks tell of vibrant kundalinies and decongested chakras. Heavy stuff. See Tibetan page

Rare and magical

thailandite starter SET

Six nice big high quality specimens, including a dumbell (33.7 gm / 78.4mm), a patty (74.1gm / 58.2mm), a sphere (55.3 gm / 40.2mm), a splatted oval patty (77.0 gm /76.2mm), a slightly splatted cylinder (50.3 gm / 73.7mm), and a teardrop (35.0 gm / 65.2mm). Total weight, about 325 gms. You get the set pictured. Big savings over individual prices at $75


perfect gift!

thailandite starter SET

Six nice big high quality specimens, including a dumbell (35.7 gm / 78.3mm), a patty (65.7gm / 55.1mm), a sphere (53.9 gm / 38.6mm), a splatted oval patty (57.2 gm /63.4mm), a cylinder (52.6 gm / 68.9mm), and a teardrop (17.9 gm / 54.3mm). Total weight, about 283 gms. You get the set pictured. Big savings over individual prices at $75


perfect gift!

Please note that we can custom build sets to your specifications. Just drop us an email---