This is a complex story. The scientific community does not yet acknowledge the authenticity of Tibetan tektites. This is partly due to the simple fact that no white westerner has yet picked one up and reported it through formal channels. However, the story is that these have been esteemed for generations in Tibet. The Drokma nomads of north-central Tibet have gathered these in dry lake country and offered them to Monasteries in lieu of cash tithes. They were gladly recieved as powerful meditation stones.

When the monks were forced to flee during the Commie takeover in 1949, they carried out any small, valuable objects that might be converted into cash in the outside world. They brought out their meditation stones, many of which were purchased by a single individual in the early 1950's. He has now retired and sold his stash. We have a fair part of this material.

I think it's for real, insofar as the specimens commonly show very distinctive terrestrial abrasion smoothing, and a gloss which fits with hundreds or thousands of years of human handling during meditation. Further, I think these may have huge scientific importance. The morphologies include unquestionable proximal splatforms and, even more importantly, there are some Muong Nong-types that reflect near ground zero conditions. In short, Tibetanites reinforce the idea that there were multiple impacts during the Australasian event (like Shoemaker-Levy 9 vs. Jupiter). I currently see support for at least three bolides: a Tibetan, a southeast Asian, and a Darwin crater, Tasmania impact---maybe more.

Sorry to be so wordy, but you need to know the story. Tibetan tektites are getting big mileage in the new age community, for obvious reasons, but I am concerned that many are not authentic. I asked the biggest supplier of Tibetans at Tucson this year how sure he was of their provenance. He said his confidence was based entirely on vibes (i.e., they tickle his kundalini). The specimens did NOT look like mine. They looked like small Thai tektites, and were oiled, further obscuring their character. I didn't buy any from him. Be careful out there!

The specimens offered below have a high degree of certainty. The pedigree involves my source, then the guy who bought them in the 1950s, and then the monks who got them from the Drokma tribesmen. Granted, even this sounds a little indirect, but it's a good as it gets.

To be sure, I can only promise that I received this material from a trusted source who trusted his source. When asked how sure he was, he replied "100%". I believe. (I challenge you to find any other seller who offers this background honesty complete with full disclosure of uncertainties!)

Here they are, my LAST 20. Page fully updated March 8, 2007. When these are gone, I don't expect to be able to get any more.

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