Thailandite Common Variations

Finally! A page offering typical morphologies of typical quality. For those who would just like an assortment of common forms without making a special trip to the bank, here's a great starting place. This material was selected to be of roughly uniform weight, with the sphereoids of walnut to golfball size. There may be a few glassy chips, but no cull material. We can provide other variations in shape if you would like to expand on this basic set (bubble shards, biscuits, splatforms, irregulars, etc.). We can also provide similar assortments in bigger or smaller sizes and can cherry-pick specimens of top-shelf quality (and higher price---) on request. Pictures are an assortment representing each type and do not show the entire lot from which we will select your specimens. Weights and dimensions provided are averages. Yours may vary somewhat from these measurements.

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$4 each

Balls, sphereoids, and oblate sphereoids. These average about 1.5 inches (~40mm) in diameter and are about 45 grams in weight.


$5 each

Patties (in allusion to their flattened hamburger patty form). These vary from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter and are around a half inch thick (40-60mm X 10-20mm). Average about 42 grams in weight.


$4 each

Rods and Bars. These range from roughly cylindrical to moderately flattened and average around 2.75 inches in length (~70mm). Average weight is 41 grams.


$11 each

Dumbells. One of the stereotypic tektite morphologies, dumbells or dogbones are the result of a cart-wheeling spin during early flight which causes the initial rod to stretch and neck-down in the middle. This selection includes individuals that are mostly 2.75 to 3 inches long (70-80mm) and average 41 grams in weight.


$11 each

Teardrops. Another great classic form which can result from dumbells spinning until they separate at the narrow waist yielding two tears. Thes average 39 grams in weight but are quite variable in shape, ranging from stubby, bulbous forms, to long skinny ones, and sometimes show flattened sides (which I call "splatting").

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