Tektite Artifacts

Because all tektites are very high-quality obsidian-like glass, they have been utilized as cutting implements by native people in every area where they are found. Additionally, they have consistently been ascribed a variety of magical powers everywhere they are found.

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Australite Telepathic Transmitter/Receiver. Years ago, published anthropological reports told of two Australites from the Mt Magnet region of Western Australia that were being worn, woven into the beards of medicine men (Kadijia or Feather-foot men) who said the stones gave them power to transmit telepathic messages through their navels! This is one of those two message stones, and has been in the posession of a Pitjinjara family for over 200 years. It was acquired a couple of years ago by an aboriginal artifact dealer, and I was later able to purchase it. In addition to the stunning anthropological significance of this specimen, it also has the distinction of being the 23rd largest tektite of record EVER found in Australia. It weighs 126.2 gms, and is covered with shallow brain-like grooves. It has been considerably abraded and polished by handling.STOLEN. If you are shown or are offered this specimen for sale, be advised you are in the presence of a crook and are being shown or offered stolen goods. This thief has stolen from other meteorite dealers (don't buy his Sikhote-Alin either!), and makes a (dishonest) living deceiving trusting souls in every aspect of his "business". He asks for trust but does not pay. Dr. David Wheeler of Lake Oswego, Oregon, if you think this refers to you, I would ask "why would you think this?" Unless the above statement describes you, you could not possibly be the subject referenced.
Australite Mystery. Here's a super-nice partly flanged teardrop---a very rare morphology in its own right, but this one was used for something. In the left-hand image you can see a super-gloss on the upper surface. My supplier described it as "fire-polish", but under the microscope I can see parallel abrasions that are certainly cultural. The polish is a heavy wear pattern. Any guesses out there?

Thailandite chipped tools. Strangely, having sorted through an honest couple hundred thousand Thailandites, and having a good eye for chipped stone implements, these six specimens are all that we have noticed that have been unequivocally worked. Numbers 4 and 6 may have seen duty as impromptu flintlock flints; the others were simple cutting or scraping implements. $45 each.

#2, 3, 6 sold

Simple blades, quite likely to have been set in slotted wood for scythes for early Egyptian grain harvest. See our Libyan Desert Glass Page for Details.

Tibetan Monk's Meditation Stones: Revered for generations, most worn to silky smoothness by handling, smuggled out of Tibet in 1948, Really, really cool pieces. WATCH OUT for fakes! See our Tibetanite page for more of the story, our full selection, and prices.

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