A Stretch Moldavite!!!

****Introducing a super-rarity****

This is the first and only example of a taffy-cored Moldavite known to me. Like Nininger's famous stretch Indochinites, this specimen has every indication that it bent slightly and the skin split at a point in time where the outermost skin was brittle but the interior was still soft and stretchy.

Nininger's specimens have been often invoked in the tektite ornamentation debate. Those who would argue that tektite skin pitting is related mostly to terrestrial weathering processes face a real problem with stretch tektites in that the stretched part is commonly not pitted, while the brittle skin part is. This pretty much requires that the ornamentation or its precursor skin conditions developed in flight.

Moldavites, being considerably older that Indochinites do show unquestioned terrestrial corrosion, and this specimen is no exception. In the case of Besednice specimens in particular, nearly all of the present skin ornamentation is due to natural chemical etching. In this specimen from Chlum, the conspicuous difference between the stretched part and the brittle skin is still plainly evident. It seems obvious that this specimen once shared the exact skin features shown in stretch Indochinites.

This gem has a worthy new home; SOLD; but left here for your viewing pleasure

This specimen weighs 15.4 gms and is 47.19 X 19.5 X 13.86mm. The color is excellent and the skin glossy and absolutely free of damage. From Chlum nad Malsi, Czech Republic.

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