A while back, I made up some neat little sets like these as gifts. There has been interest expressed by some who saw them, so here are a couple. Individually priced, these specimens range from $2 to $20 each, averaging around $10.

On request, I can make up sets of higher quality (and cost). Just tell me what you want to spend, and I'll upgrade as many pieces as I can---

The sets shown are priced at $75 each. For the first two orders, the exact sets pictured are what you'll get. If there are additional orders, I'll make them up as we go, and prices may vary according to the individual pieces included.

These are approximately 7" X 5" X 1.5"

Inside the lid is a concise information sheet regarding meteorites, impactites, and tektites, and in each specimen cell there is a bit more information about each individual piece. I tried to think in terms of kids taking these to school to share. Here's what is included in these two sets:

1) Stoney meteorite: a mostly complete individual with fusion crust, and a polished slice so you can see the interior. Both are from a Saharan meteorite called NWA 869, an ordinary chondrite.

2) Nickel-iron meteorite: A fragment of the 4.5 billion year old meteorite that formed Arizona's famous meteor (Barringer) crater.

3) Two Indochinite tektites: a teardrop and a dumbell of glassy ejecta from an impact somewhere in SE Asia about 700,000 years ago.

4) Moldavite tektite: beautiful pale emerald green glass sprayed from Germany's Nordlinger-Ries Crater into the Czech Republic.

5) Bediasite: A rare North American tektite from the impact that formed Chesapeake Bay 34 million years ago.

6) Libyan Desert Glass: a valuable impactite from Egypt, used to carve the scarab in the center of King Tut's breastplate.

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