Sikhote Alin "Bullets"

Some of the most graphically flight-oriented meteorites known! This page leads off with our new trophy piece. Below that is a listing of bullets for sale. You need to know that I am a sick man to sell any of these! They are gone. We used to visit the big Tucson show when there were rooms containing literal tons of Sikhotes being sold by weight. We could spend hours picking out the most special bits of super-oriented Sikhotes and buy them like bulk commodities. In January of 2016, we realized it was over. No more dealers with nothing but Sikhotes. Just a few trays here and there with the final scraps that hadn't yet sold. Maybe one "bullet", asking full specimen value.

It seems the souce is pretty much gone. Below may well be one of the finest remaining selections of old-time Sikhote-Alin bullets on the market. I should quadruple the prices, but for now, grab what you can. There won't be many more, if any!

Amazing super-oriented Sikhote.
We sorted through every tray of Sikhotes that we could find looking for that one truly great piece, and we found it! Cookie showed this one to me about three times before I realized what I was looking at. This is a barbed bullet with delicate flow lines on the roll-over nose and also on several of the flaring shoulders. The fantastic symmetry makes this look like a spruce tree flocked with heavy winter snow.

We found some great stuff at the big show that year, but this is the single best piece. Enjoy!

I haven't made up my mind for sure, but I probably will sell this eventually. Let me know if you want your name on a contact list when and if I decide to let it go (---or make me such a great offer that I'm convinced sooner---). Email us at

******Sikhote Alin Bullets for Sale******

New inventory added 15 June 2016

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profile view
59.0 gms. This one is not a bullet, but it is a fine oriented shield. Sharp lip. No flow lines or roll-back. Beautifully regmaglypted back. $350
50.4 gms. Two ablated noses! $250
37.5 gms. A real bullet! Concave base, smooth sides, mushroom cap with very faint flow lines. $140 Sold
  35.1 gms. Here is a trophy bullet! Superb, delicate flow lines on melted nose. A fine specimen. $300Sold
  30.4 gms. A barbed bullet with excellent flow lines. $175 Sold
  22.0 gms. A nose-cone. Basal suface is jagged shrapnel. Nose is delicately ornamented with both radial flow-lines and concentric ring-waves, both best seen with 10X magnification. Excellent symmetry. $400 Sold
  21.3 gms. Not oriented, but highly sculptural. $75
  17.3 gms. Pretty flow lines around the roll-back girdle when veiwed with a had lens. Something of a vertibral shape overall. $100Sold
  16.5 gms. Mostly smooth crown with patches of flow lines right at the roll-over lip. $100 Sold
  15.3 gms. Another barbed bullet with excellent radial flow lines on the cap. $185 Sold
  15.1 gms. Whoa! How cool is that? Delicate spiral flow lines on cap. $200Sold
  13.8 gms. Anyone need a new iron tooth? Mostly smooth nose with local traces of flow lines. $165
  13.4 gms , Complete individual. $150Sold
  12.9 gms. Moderated barbed bullet with strong radial flow line development. $245SOLD
  12.0 gms. Whoa! Look at those nosecone flow lines! $125Sold



11.8 gms. Not really a bullet, but who can resist such nice oriented fluting? Backside and base are rough and irregular. Perhaps this piece was part of a nicely oriented individual that was torn into shrapnel bits on impact? $175
  11.2 gms. Under 10X magnification this specimen exhibits concentric rings of melt spreading back from the nosecone. $155
  10.8 gms. A beauty. $125
  10.7 gms. Smooth, unfeatured nose. $95 Sold
  10.2 gms. Faint, delicate radial flow lines are visible under magnification. $160
  10.0 gms. Winged shoulders, small nosecone. $85
  9.9 gms. Very delicate patches of flow lines around edges of roll-over lip. $90Sold
  9.7 gms. Nicely shaped barbed bullet, good flow lines. $200Sold
  9.4 gms. Quite a complex piece, with one promenent nose and several other more weakly developed leading faces. Very neat overall form! $145 Sold
  9.1 gms. Nice shape, good radial flow lines. $150
  8.1 gms. Exceptional!! The pictures tell it all. $200 Sold
  7.8 gms. Not at all flight oriented, this was just too sweet to pass up. A fantastic little sculptural piece! $70
  6.9 gms. $55
  6.7 gms. Smooth triangular melt nose. No flow lines apparent. $60Sold
  6.7 gms. Sweet. $85
6.3 gms. Whoa!! A perfectly oriented little shield with local radial flow lines around the rim and an impact CRATER! These little "craters" do show up occasionally in irons, but this one's presence on an ablation shield is interesting. How did that happen? This crater is similar to those seen when hyper-velocity micro-meteorites hit satellite hardware, but this piece was already deep in earth's atmosphere before the pit formed.... $175Sold
  6.1 gms. Curved in profile. Faint flow line development. $95
  6.1 gms, A double shield, fabulously oriented complete individual. $80
  5.8 gms. Not oriented, but jewelry-grade sculpture. $60
  5.8 gms. Nice melt-lip with spiraling flow lines weaving through two directions. $96Sold
5.6 gms Nice radial flow lines under magnification. $150Sold
5.3 gms A perfectly oriented button meteorite with a dished rear sufrace and a roll-back lip. $95SOLD
5.2 gms Not much bigger than a 22 bullet, but traveling sufficiently fast to melt nickel-iron!. Melt cap is smooth with no apparent flow lines. $135
  5.2 gms. A very cool oriented freeform. Fabulous flow lines. $125
  4.3 gms. A classic small bullet. $55Sold
  4.1 gms. All around sweet geometric form with a classic nose-cone! $100
4.0 gms Another super irregular unoriented sculpture. This is a jewelry piece. $65
  4.0 gms.. A sweetie. $35Sold
3.7 gms A little jelly-bean with a bit of a roll-back lip. $20Sold
3.1 gms Amazing little icecream cone! It's hard to imagine a little pelllet like this maintaining the velocity necessary to melt iron---but the specimen speaks for itself. Melt it did. $25sold
  2.0 gms. Super oriented tiny bit! $25

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