New Arizona Meteorite Find!

While en route to Tucson 2005, I stopped at Quartzsite AZ. A nugget shooter there had just found a gorgeous chondrite from what appears to be a previously unknown fall. Fortunately he was realistic about the value and I was able to buy it. I subsequently met another metal detector that says he found more pieces in the same area (not yet examined). The specimen pictured below is being submitted to Alan Rubin of UCLA for classification . From all that we can gather, it is a new find in an unreported area. The new piece weighed in at 168.0 gms. It is about 74% crusted . A 25.0 gm slice was cut off for the classification process. The total remaining main mass constitutes 139.7 gms. I do plan to sell the specimen after classification, either as a whole piece or as slices. Your recommendations are welcomed.


The cut surface shows porous patches interspersed with harder, denser areas. The fusion crust is 0.7 to 0.8 mm thick. The stone is packed with chondrules, many of which are subrounded to subangular. The biggest are about 3mm, most are 1-2 mm. Metal specks are mostly under 1mm, and constitute around 3% of the cut surface.

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