Monturaqui Impact Glass

New inventory sized over 10 gms added March, 2006. Some of the last big ones---

First located in 1962, Chile's Monturaqui crater has yielded around 50 kilos of impact glass. The glass is fairly non-descript stuff, barely translucent to nearly opaque brown glass with lots of breccia inclusions. Most fragments are quite magnetic, and cut surfaces commonly reveal brilliant metallic inclusions, occasionaly up to a mm or so in diameter.

The image below shows specimens typical of various size fractions. Because there is only minor variation in morphology and character, I have not listed our inventory item by item. Order from a size category, and you'll get something similar to the material pictured, but probably not that particular item. If it matters to you, I can send images by email.

Here is a brand new stock of big ones (March, 2006). I checked with everybody I knew that had Monturaquis, and found only one guy with anything left over 10 grams. Here they are.

Anything over 20 gms, $2/gm

10 to 20 gms, $1.50/gm


In the final image, a group of small, very strongly magnetic fragments is shown. These will almost certainly show larger blebs of metal when cut or ground. $8 each; largest specimens to first orders, then progressing to smaller and smaller sizes with subsequent orders (they're all pretty small----).

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