Unbelievable MONSTER Lei gong mo!!!


The Tektite Source tries hard to find you the best specimens on this planet! A few years ago we scored big with the largest wholesaler of bulk Chinese tektites. He's had an army of university students (directly and indirectly, upwards of a million!) collecting for him, and estimates he's handled over 30 tonnes of specimens. Throughout this exercize, he set aside the biggest, best, and most unusual. In contrast to the usual rough treatment bulk tektites commonly get, these were carefully cleaned and individually wrapped. We were the first to search this incredible collection, and bought the very best. Now we have a standing order with this guy and help him unpack his new ones every year. We've got the cream of the cream. This page will prove it.

The last batch we listed is pretty well sold out, so here's a
new lot of 30 dumbells over 100 grams. (Updated February 21, 2006) The record holder is still 411 grams. The latter is, to the best of my knowledge, the biggest dumbell known on earth (please correct me if you know otherwise---(no word to the contrary so far---)).

The numbers in this image correspond to the numbers in the following table where you can see piece by piece pictures and descriptions. I wanted to provide one image where you can see them all together to get a better idea of relative sizes and shapes.

All of these are flawless or nearly so. I'll make sure when you order, and if there's the slightest terrestrial chip or ding, I'll tell you. These are world class museum pieces. The first two in this size range that I bought for my personal collection 5 years ago were priced at $2/gm wholesale. By spending a whole bunch of money all at once, I did better on these, and will offer them at $1.50/gm retail, adjusted upwards or downwards per special characteristics or perceived rarity. "Sold" items are fully current.

The following images are at approximately the same scale, so you can scroll down and see relatively true size relations. Bold numbers correspond to those in the image above. Click on the images below to see a larger version.
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411.6 gms

Tektites this big get their own names. Meet "Behemoth", the biggest well-formed dumbell known to me on this planet! People come and go, but this piece will be passed proudly through generations to come. Part of the TektiteSource private collection.


267.9 gms

A new find this year, this giant at over a quarter kilo is the second biggest dumbell we have ever handled. $750


176.2 gms

Moderately splatted, this beauty has a starburst impact feature at the right end. $275Sold  


175.4 gms

Highly splatted (basal surface essentially flat from impact while still significantly plastic), this piece has great symmetry and excellent skin preservation. $275


165.2 gms

Interesting baseball bat shape. $250


162.9 gms

While distinctly more bulbous at either end, splatting has expanded the waist width. $200


160.7 gms

Lonnnnng! I think this is the longest dumbell we have ever seen. New this year. 17.6 cm! Flawless. Very impressive piece. Unsplatted cylinder with bulbous terminations. $500Sold


159.8 gms

Another very long one at 16.5 cm, this one is splatted with a flat basal surface. Very nice longitudinal stretch marks and ornately pitted skin. $350


157.7 gmsSOLD

Great form. Along one side of the waist there is a lip that you can only suppose is an incipient roll-over lip like a flanged Australite! $250


157.1 gms

A lunker with a deep "U" groove. $235


157.0 gms

Double-splatted? Flattened perpendicular to the line of sight in this photo, you can see a subsequent flattening of one side.



154.1 gms

Exceedingly nice symmetry. Quite strongly splatted, but only just enough that it relaxed onto the impact surface. $300


152.4 gms

Superb symmetry, minor splatting, nice skin. $350 Sold


150.0 gms

Very similar to above. One small frosted ding on the underside. $300


146.2 gms

Another fine piece; one end a bit bigger than the other. $225


141.4 gms

Okay, more of a cylindrical rod, but really long and nice, so I need a place to list it. Prominent longitudinal stretch striae. Neat flower-like little clusters of skin pits. A very unusual piece. I can't resist: it's a lunar coprolite? $200


139.6 gms

QUALITY! Aesthetically the most beautiful piece on this page. I shouldn't be selling it. Sweet symmetry with a finely restricted waist. Glossy, nicely ornamented skin. Just a fine, fine specimen. $400 (Think about it: we started looking through the best of the mine run. We picked the best of the best. This one is the best of the ones we picked, or the best of the best of the best.!)Sold


133.0 gms

Excellent symmetrical dumbell. Just splatted enough to know which way it landed. $200


130.3 gms

A very nice piece, again with a ridge along either side like an incipient roll-over flange. $195


127.5 gms

The word that comes to mind is "Stout". The first of some heavy bow-ties to follow, this is one chunky dumbell! $180 Sold


119.0 gms

Probably doubly splatted like #11. Very long (15.5 cm). Good longitudinal stretch striae. one major flattened surface with a subordinate flattened side. $175


117.8 gms

Whoa! SUPERB bow-tie. Big end bulbs, tiny waist. No splatting worthy of mention. An exaggurated classic! $240Sold


115.5 gms

Another very much in the theme of the preceeding, but here a little less symmetrical. Still very fine! $200Sold


115.3 gms

What every dumbell wants to be! Tiny waist, very nice proportions (I'm valiantly resisting the obvious similar three-part measurements, but resistance is fading---). Sweet! $225Sold


114.6 gms

A classic form. $150Sold


113.9 gms

Did someone say "wasp-waisted"??? This one was about one revolution from splitting into two fine teardrops! Remarkable! $285. (For $300, I'll include a couple of closely matching teardrops to make a great developmental sequence set).Sold


113.4 gms

Another highly perfect symmetry piece, a superb dumbell specimen! $200Sold


109.5 gms

A bit less symmetrical than some of the sonders of nature above, this one is bargain priced at $90Sold


107.8 gms

Long and wasp-waisted (14.6 cm X 1.3 cm at waist)---and remember, anything over 100 gms is still Waaay beyond the extremely super giant monster dumbells of eBay---. Starburst ray impact feature at right end. $150SOLD


102.9 gms

A nice chicken drumstick with a longitudinal waist ridge like an incipient roll-over lip. $140
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The dumbells are a starter to prove the point. Patties? Ovals? Spheroids? Splatforms? Hollow balls? Teardrops? Irregulars?

We have 'em and will try to get them listed soon (Ask if you want something that's not yet listed)!