Moldavite Teardrops!!!!

Some of the very best from the Czech Republic

There's an interesting story lurking here! Most of these are "splatforms"---that is, they were still soft enough to flatten (or "splat") when they landed. In this instance, we know their source, the Nordlinger-Ries Crater in Southern Germany. These specimens traveled at least 200 miles ( 322 km) before landing. The interest in this bit of trivia is that we still don't know where the impact for the Australasian strewn field was located. We do know that "splatted" morphologies are common in southern China, Vietnam, and Thailand. By the time that the glassy bombs reached the Philippines they were mostly too solidified to deform on impact. Splatform moldavites give us a point of reference: from specimens like those presented below, we know that tektites retained significant plasticity for a least a few hundred miles from ground zero!

Probably the biggest selection of quality teardrops offered anywhere!!!

Specimens are listed by weight, from biggest to smallest.

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17.9 gms; 67.5mm long X23.7 mm wide X 17.3 mm thick

Slavce, Czech Republic

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New December 15, 2005. Just arrived.The best teardrop I have ever seen. Deeply and sharply ornamented. I thought at first it might be a Besednice. I also thought that I shouldn't sell it. This is just amazing, and at nearly 18 grams, it's quite large. $325 Sold
14.3 gms; 59.8 mm long X 22.1 mm wide

locality uncertain, probably Chlum
New, June 15, 2005! Gorgeous golf-club teardrop. Better than anything below--- $125 Sold
26.7 gms A monster. The nose is formed by two flat facets. $200Sold
16.0gms $150Sold
14.2gms $140Sold
13.5gms $135Sold
13.2gms $130Sold
13.1gms $130Sold
13.0gms $85 Sold
12.7gms $130Sold
12.4gms $130Sold
11.9gms $100Sold
11.2gms $110 Available
11.0 gms (a) $110. SoldNot splatted, circular cross-section.
11.0gms (b) $110 Available
10.0gms $125. Superb ornamentationSold
9.9gms Sold
9.2gms $90Sold
9.1gms $130. Exceptional perfect tear. Gently curved in side-view.Sold
9.0gms $110. Round end-view, not splatted. High degree of symmetry.Sold
8.9a gms $95. Splatted, curved side-view. Nice symmetrySold
8.9b gms $85. Highly splatted, tongue-like. Great ornamentation. Sold
8.8gms $90. SOLD---sorry. Very perfect, highly symmetrical teardrop, very little splatting. Some deep U-grooves
8.6gms $70 Sold
8.1gms $85. Thin, beautiful symmetry. Available
7.8gms Sold. A classic.
7.6 gms $60. Glossy and symmetrical with some deep pits. Sold
7.5gms $65 SOLD
7.1gms $70. Deep ornamentationSold
6.9gms $65. SOLD
6.6gms . Very nice skin.Sold
6.5 gms $75. Thin plate with amazing symmetry. Jewelry piece!SOLD
6.5gms Tending towards the prized "poison green" coloration.Sold
6.4gms $65. Conical breached bubble in tail.Available
5.7 gms $45. Curved in side profile.Sold
5.5gms $45. Extremely splatted. Looks like it was bitten by a shark--- SOLD
5.4 gms $45. Quite thin, nice color and form. Sold
5.3 gms #2012-053; $60SOLD. This is a super-nice teardrop with unusual flow-banded skin ornamentation. I'll try to get a better picture posted.
5.3gms $50. Great symmetrySold
4.9agms $65. A drop-dead gorgeous gem! Sold
4.9bgms $50. A long, slender tear, more elongate than the picture suggests.Sold
4.8gms $40. circular, unsplatted end view. Very symmetricalSold
4.7gms $115. BESEDNICE!!!! Classic ornamentation, rare form for the locality. fine piece.Sold
4.2a gms $55. Probably Besednice, but not sold to me as such, so here's a bargain!Sold
4.2b gms $35. Fairly thick bulbous dropSold
4.1gms $40. Symmetrical, thin pendant Available
3.4 gms #2012-034; $40. A very attractive specimen with a thin profile.Available
3.3gms $40. Beautiful spiny skin!Available
3.1gms $30. Sweet little splatted dropAvailable
3.0 gms #2012-030; $25. a symmetrical bulbous drop.Available
2.9 gms #2012-029a; $25.SoldModerately thin with a bubble thumbprint on one side.
2.9gms #2012-029b; $16. SoldInteresting groove. Price reducied due to small glassy chip--not very obvious, as I missed it when we were selecting items for purchase---
2.8gms $25. Nice jewelry piece, perfect for an end-cap.Sold
2.6gms Another possible Besednice, but not so identified.. Another fine pendant piece.SOLD
2.5a gms $35. Really, really beautiful, slightly curved in side-view. Sold
2.5b gms $25. Bulbous drop. Broken surface on small end, perfect for an end-cap pendant piece.Sold
2.5 gms (c) $25. Very pleasing long-stemmed bulbous drop.Sold
2.2 gms #2012-022; $20. Flattish profile.Sold
2.2a gms $20. thin curved fingernail! Available
2.2b gms $20. Nice symmetrical dropSOLD
2.2 gms (c) Thin plate, great symmetry, gorgeous serrated edges. Nice!Sold
2.1 gms #2012-021; $25. Would pair very well with #2012-022 above for pendant earrings. Available
1.8a gms $18. Perfect little teardrop, slightly curved.Sold
1.8b gms $18. Another perfect, but slightly more bulbous teardrop.Sold
1.7 gms #2012-017a; $20. Very attractive teardrop. Available
1.7 gms #2012-017b; $15 Thinnish and slightly curved. Nice. Sold
1.7 gms #2012-017c; $15.Nice symmetry.Sold
1.6 gms #2012-016; $18. Thin. Gorgeous jewelry pendant piece. Available
1.5 gms $20. One of the prettiest little teardrops ever! Excellent form.Sold
1.4 gms #2012-014; $15. Very symmetrical drop Available
1.4 gms $15. Nicely ornamented.Sold
1.3 gms #2012-013a; $15. Beautiful piece with suggestions of Besednice-like etching. Sold
1.3 gms #2012-013b; $12. Sweet symmetrical little teardrop Available
1.3 gms #2012-013c; $12 Another sweet symmetrical little teardrop Available
1.2 gms #2012-012a; $11. Thicker bulb Available
1.2 gms #2012-012b; $10. Thin bladed form Available
1.2 gms #2012-012c; $20 Available
1.1gms $15. Great ear-ring match for 0.9 below. Available
0.9gms $15. See 1.1 above. Available
1.0 gms #2012-010; $10.SOLD Pairs nicely with #2012-006 below for pendant earrings
0.6 gms #2012-006; $10. See #2012-010 Available
0.4 gms #2012-004; $4 A really tiny little drop! Available
0.3 gms #2012-003; $5. Miniatures don't get much sweeter than this---- Available
0.8gms $10. Very sweet little splatted tear!Sold

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