Malaysian Tektites!

page updated 2/18/15

Sorry, all are sold

The occurance of tektites in Malaysia (associated with the Australasian event) is well known, but specimens very rarely come on the market. Two years ago, we were able to acquire a small assortment that have been held in a European collection for decades. These are the first we have ever seen for sale! (the 2005 additions are from the same collection--I think we now have all there is to get).

The source locality is given as Kuantan, located on the central eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia

They strongly resemble Rizalites in character as one might predict from their location within the overall strewn field. All of these specimens are super bright and glossy.

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#Malay1 Photo 11.5 gms $100 Sold
#Malay2 Photo 13.4 gms $100Sold
#Malay3 Photo 5.3 gms $50Sold
#Malay4 Photo 18.2 gms Notice the stick figure! $200Sold
#Malay5 Photo 12.1 gms $250 Sold
New 2005 addition 28.0 gms $250Sold
New 2005 addition 22.0 gms $175 Sold
New 2005 addition 15.8 gms $120 Sold

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