Locenice Moldavites : Superb new material from a classic locality!

2014: The Locenice locality has been methodically searched in the past year with stunning results. Some of the new specimens could easily be confused with Besednice, but in some ways, these pieces are even superior. While Besednice is commonly too spiny and delicate for jewelry applications, Locenice boasts deeply sculpted ornamentation that is more rounded, glossy, and durable than Besednice. Fine color, clarity, symmetry---truly breath-taking beauty. I don't know how much more may be found, but only one Czech dealer had any at the 2014 Tucson show. He said he cherry-picked the very best from the recent finds, and we cherry-picked the top half of his offerings. This is amazing stuff! Some pieces even show clear Anda-type skin ornamentation!

Click on any of these images to open a larger version in a new window. Close that window to return here. Email us if you would like additional images prepared.
12.5 gms, $380. Delicate Anda-like markings. #Loc2014_125 on hold, MP  
10.4 gms, $320, #Loc2014_104 sold  
9.9 gms, $300, #Loc2014_099sold  
9.0 gms, $300. Quite Anda-like ornamentation! #Loc2014_090  
8.4 gms, $250. flat plate. #Loc2014_084  
8.1 gms, $300. Superb teardrop. #Loc2014_081 sold  
7.7 gms, $235. flat sunburst disk. #Loc2014_077sold  
7.4 gms, $200 #Loc2014_074  
7.3 gms, $215. Some Anda-like grooving. #Loc2014_073Sold  
6.6 gms, $200. #Loc2014_066  
6.0 gms, $185. Flat sunburst plate. #Loc2014_060 Sold  
5.5 gms, $175. Pronounced Anda-type ornamentation. #Loc2014_055 Sold  
5.1 gms, $140. #Loc2014_051sold  
5.0 gms, $140. Moderately developed Anda-type ornamentation. #Loc2014_050  
4.5 (a) gms, $125. #Loc2014_045a  
3.8 gms, $90. #Loc2014_038  
4.4 gms, $135. Nice symmetrical teardrop. #Loc2014_044  
4.3 gms, $125. Nice pendant piece! #Loc2014_043  
   4.0 gms, $95. #Loc2014_040  
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