7 August 2012: I just added over 40 new specimens

("Solds" and "holds" updated 2/28/17)

This is the fabled Agni Mani---("fire pearl") of ancient myth and legend. There are stories, probably apocryphal, of huge fortunes being offered for a single one of these. For some as yet not understood reason, the tektites of Malaysia, Billiton, Borneo, and Java, tend to be small, often brilliantly lusterous, and typically prominently display delicate viscosity flow-banding. The specimens listed below are small, but quite typical of Javan Tektites, commonly termed Javanites. These are very rare stones, and seldom available at any price.

Part of the Australasian tektite event, Javanites are characterized by deep intricate etching and a brilliant gloss. Known as "Agni Mani" in Sanskrit (roughly translated as "Fire Pearls"), the fabled Javan tektites have a rich cultural lore collected in an entertaining book by Latvian Baron Richard J.H. de Touche-Skadding. (
Agni Mani: Magic Gem from the Moon: Ballantine, 1966; Mayflower 1968). While the book purports to be a non-fiction account of his 30-year search for the stones, it seems as highly embellished as the skin of a Javanite. None-the-less, Touche-Skadding was a believer and presented specimens to then-Princess Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and Lord Louis Mountbatten in the 1940s with the hope of blessing them with the legendary good luck of the Agni Mani.

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5.0 gm

$100 Big as they go---SOLD

4.5 gm

$250 flow-banding etched in deep relief. A fine example. SOLD

2.8 gm (a)

I suspect this is a bubble shard. Nice flow-banding and bubble pits $90 SOLD

2.8 gm (b)

Gorgeous deeply etched flow banding, reminiscent of some Muong Nong textures. $95SOLD

2.7 gm

Pyramid-shaped with strong flow banding and interesting shrinkage cracks. $80SOLD

2.4 gm

$215 etched sphere with a nubbins on topSOLD

2.1 gm

$85SOLD great etched flow-banding

2.0 gm

A rectangular block. $55SOLD

1.9 gm (a)

$115 Deeply etchedSOLD

1.9 gm (b)

$150 Truly the classic fire pearl. This one has a glassy chip on the underside or it would be triple the price..Sold

1.9 gm (c)


1.9 gm (d)

$75 Flattish plateSOLD

1.8 gm


1.6 gm (a)


1.6 gm (b)

$150 LenticularSOLD

1.6 gm (c)

$195 Really nice sculpture!SOLD

1.6 gm (d)


1.5 gm (a)

$125 very interesting flow-banding.

1.5 gm (b)

$150 Nicely spherical fire pearl!SOLD

1.5 gm (c)


1.5 gm (d)

$(SOLD) Sphere. This is the real deal, a true agni mani fire pearl. I might decide not to sell this one and reserve the right to decline sale.

1.4 gm (a)


1.4 gm (b)


1.3 gm (a)


1.3 gm (b)


1.2 gm (a)


1.2 gm (b)


1.2 gm (c)


1.2 gm (d)


1.2 gm (e)


1.1 gm


1.0 gm (a)

Similar to 1.4(a) with flow-banding requiring magnification. $30

1.0 gm (b)


1.0 gm (c)


1.0 gm (d)

$155 SOLDSuperb skeletal structure! Quite an amzing little piece---

0.9 gm (a)

Beautiful flake, lots of well-ornamented surface area for the weight. $65

0.9 gm (b)


0.9 gm (c)


0.9 gm (d)


0.9 gm (e)


0.9 gm (f)

$50 Thin plate

0.8 gm (a)


0.8 gm (b)


0.7 gm (a)


0.7 gm (b)


0.7 gm (c)


0.5 gm


0.4 gm (a)


0.4 gm (b)


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