FLASH!!!! February 13, 2014: We just obtained seven new Ivory Coast Tektites with impeccable credentials!!!

Ivory Coast Tektites

It has been over 20 years since anyone I have talked to can remember an Ivory Coast Tektite being offered for sale. This year, French dealer Alain Carion managed to obtain an old collection with impeccable documentation, and was kind enough to sell us some! These are super rare and nearly impossible to acquire until now. Once pieces like this make it into museum or private collections, they seldom circulate ever again. Here is your chance, probably once in a lifetime---

Alain said that the vast majority of these new specimens are spherical to sub-spherical, which is consistent with what is known of the historical material. We selected specimens with this classic morphology to offer you. These were obtained from a descendant of a Cote d'Ivoire cotton farmer who recovered them from his fields in the 1950s. All will come with certificates of authenticity provided by Carion. There will be an article by Alain, translated by Anne Black, in an upcoming issue of Meteorite Times that will provide more detail on the history of these superb pieces.

Since this may be the only chance we have to obtain and offer such specimens, how does one determine a price? In the memory of dealers who recall specimens that sold long ago, Ivory Coast tektites have always been on the top side of $1000. Here is what I am going to do: I will set the initial pricing at $200 per gram. After each sale, the prices of all remaining specimens will increase significantly by an amount determined by some complex formula based on the reciprocal of the lingering scent of the number purple. Your price will be determined by the order in which your emails arrive. If I have closed a sale even seconds before your email, the price shown on the website will no longer be valid and will not be honored. I will do my best to keep it current to the moment, but cannot guarantee it will always be so. If you are next in line, you will have the option to decline or accept the new price.

Good Luck!

July, 2014: I just bought a bunch more from Alain Carion. These are not yet pictured, but there are some beauties to over 9 gms! Email me if you are looking for great IC!

Sorry, for now we're keeping this one in our private collection---
$300 per gram
$300 per gramSold
$300 per gram
$250 per gramSold

small glassy chip on back side.
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The following was written many years ago and may serve to provide a bit more information and perspective on these rare-as-hen's-teeth tektites!

It's taken a while, but we finally have a well-documented Ivory Coast Tektite. There are only a hundred or so known, and VERY few are in private collections. This one has been owned at one point or another by many of the big names in Tektite history. If you want it, tighten your belt and take a deep breath. Repeat twice. Count out eight (8) one thousand dollar bills! Then hope that I don't decide against selling it. I do specifically reserve the right to say No--- - - -It's essentially not for sale at this point.

I'll provide more images and details for the seriously interested.

This specimen weighs 15.0 gms, which is quite huge as they go. I've been told that only one piece is known weighing over 20 grams. This one measures 40.88mm X 17.75 mm X 16.93 mm. The specific gravity is 2.400 gm/cc. It shows strong, convoluted viscous flow-banding and a glossy luster.

I've been told by a previous owner that a tiny chip was removed from this specimen for microprobe analysis. (I do see a couple of tiny glassy chips that could fit this comment). I'm trying to get hold of the data. Even though the chain of title for this piece is pretty solid, something this rare really demands authentication.

Ivory Coast tektites ("Ivoirites") appear to be sourced from the Bosumptwi crater in Ghana. They were recovered from a depth of about 1 meter in the process of mining for alluvial gold. The area is extremely dangerous at present, and no new specimens have been reported for many years.

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