At 247.6 grams, this Lei Gong Mo from southern China is a world-class monster tektite. With a specific gravity of 1.934 g/cc, it has a big internal bubble, which is even more rare. With half the stone showing evidence of collapse, it's probably a double bubble and is moving quickly into the "one-of-a-kind" category!

A gorgeous piece with a great story!

At $450, a killer bargain!

In case you hadn't noticed, this beauty has bright, flawless skin with no chips or dings.

On the side of the collapsed end is a deep conical pit which I suppose is what is left of the vent-hole leading to the partial collapse of the bubble. It is fully closed, so it must have welded shut again after the leak.

On the intact end, there is a prominent, deep Navel (and some pretty, small starburst impact features).

This piece would likely be quite a spectacular display specimen if cut in half lengthwise to show the bubble chamber(s).

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