Darryl Futrell was one of the great tektite collectors, researchers, and educators of modern times. He was envied for a collection which included the biggest and best known specimens in many categories. After years of declining health, Mr. Futrell passed away August 13, 2001. Part of his collection was sold in his final years to defray medical costs, but like most devoted collectors, he had his "keepers". Darryl's family is now interested in liquidating this material, preferably as a single lot. I have had a quick look through the collection and have offered to help locate a buyer for this stunning collection. There is some world-class material here, and a variety that is nearly impossible to duplicate on the open market.

For more on the life and times of Darryl Futrell, see the excellent webpage at http://www.meteorite.com/Darryl_Futrell/

June 9, 2003: Full inventory now completed. The collection includes about 3232 individual specimens with a total weight of 196 kg. Approximately 40 distinct varieties are included, most with all of their important subclasses.

SOLD! New interpretive center under construction at the Charlevoix impact structure, Quebec. About 105 km N of Quebec City.