Bulk Tektites

These are packaged with schools and other groups particularly in mind. They are mostly not display quality, but just good average Indochinite tektite specimens. I've shown several approximate sizes, and can likely custom select other sizes if you have something specific you need. The sizes and counts/kg are approximate. There will be a range. Some pieces will show glassy chips. I have been through all of this material personally and have eliminated all or nearly all of the tektite imposters (coal, clinkers, tourmaline,plastic, black rocks, etc.) Most of it has been rinsed, but not scrubbed. Sold only in kilo or multi-kilo quantities.

We have not been able to purchase bulk material for several years now. The Chinese supply is exhausted and I have not found a current exporter for Thai. When this material is gone, there will likely be no more.

Here's what we have on hand as of 8/23/2017

ave. 41.7 gm, N =24, $60/kg, one kg available

ave. 17.9 gm, N = 56, $60/kg, one + kg available

ave. 13.4 gm, N = 75, $60/kg, one kg available

ave. 9.6 gm, N =100, $58/kg, one kg available
ave. 7.2 gm, N = 139, $58/kg, one kg available
ave. 3.9 gm, N = 255, $58/kg, one kg available
ave. 1.9 gm, N = 536 , $50/kg, one kg available
ave. ~1.0 gm, N = 1000+, $40/kg, one kg available.

Material shown in the following table is gone.

Chinese Tektites

These are mostly deeply pittled little pellets, fairly equidimensional. About
385 pieces per kilo, average about 2.6 gms ea. You can hand out a lot of these without breaking the bank.

$15/kg Currently out of stock. Sorry
Chinese Tektites

Like above, but just a little bigger. About
265 pieces/kg, 3.8 gms ea. average.

$20/kg Currently out of stock. Sorry
Chinese Tektites

These are very nice quality, mostly sub-spherical to pellet-shaped and deeply ornamnented. Most are just under an inch in maximum dimension. About
180-185 pieces/kg, 5.4 gms ea. average. I have less than 10 kg currently on hand.

#Bulk054: $25/kg Currently out of stock. Sorry
Chinese Tektites

These are getting big enough that you get more distinctive shapes. Teardrops, bubble shards, biscuits, etc. About 1". About
85 pieces/kg, ave. just under 12 gms ea.

I've got over 50 kilos of this material on hand.

$40/kg Currently out of stock. Sorry
Thai Tektites.

Similar to above, but bigger (~1-2") and cleaner. About
55-65/kg, ave. about 18 gms ea.

#Bulk180: $55/kg
Currently out of stock. Sorry
Thai Tektites.

Quite large, mostly biscuits and patties. 2-3", ~40 gms ea, about
25-28/kg. Nice quality.

#Bulk400: $65/kg
Currently out of stock. Sorry

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