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If you've gotten this far, you probably know that this is as good as it gets with moldavites. No other locality even comes close to the deep, delicate ornamentation and emerald color of these fine ladies.

The deeply and intricately sculptured Besednices come from an area about 50 meters on a side. Other sources within sight of this tiny area lack this incredible detail. This pattern also holds vertically: even within this special locality, specimens from the top 3 meters or so are not this ornate. At about 4 meters, the water table is encountered, and large volumes of water flooding the pits makes further digging very challenging. It is at this level that the classic Besednices were found.

The clay pits at Besednice, Czech Republic, have been closed for ten years*. Moldavite hunters burrowing beneath the 10-foot banks were encroaching on protected forest land (and were getting themselves killed). The area is now behind patrolled chain-link fencing and reportedly is slated to become a national park. Folks that were providing a supplemental income for their families by digging these fine gems are now selling their "keepers". When they're gone, they're gone. I deal directly with buyers in the Czech Republic who buy from the locals. At the big Tucson show this year (January,2007), I saw Czech dealers asking 3 to 5 times what I used to have to pay for top grade Besednices just a few years ago. Very soon they will be essentially out of reach (or simply not available at all).

* In 2006/7 a new operator started up a mechanized operation cleaning out the last little bit of the main pit. From reports and from what I have seen first-hand, their use of mechanical screen decks is breaking the tiny fragile tips off of virtually every specimen. By means of photos, I was offered what looked like a superb selection, but for some reason I had cold feet and never parted with the money to place the order. Now I'm glad. I saw some of the new output this year at Tucson. It is mostly below our quality standards.

The rumors about dwindling stocks of new Moldavite specimens are very real. Here's an email that I received from one of my best sources in the Czech Republic:

November 26, 2005

Hi Norm ,
I hope this letter finds you well ,.... the situation has gotten a bit serious now what with the police watching all the areas and local landowners fencing off fields etc., but I still have a few if you might be interested ?
Best Regards,
(name withheld-----------)

(P.S., I ordered all the Besednices he had, and it came to a total of 40 grams. That's it. If you see something you like, don't delay. At the bottom of the following tabulation, I've left up some pics of the truly great pieces that have already sold. They will come again no more forever. Good hunting,


Tucson show 2007; Further Update: Besednices were on our shopping list, and in past years have been a big piece of our total expenditures. This year I bought two (2) pieces. For the first time I saw broken specimens that had been retouched with a grinder!; In 2011, we found ONE piece worth buying.

These specimens are so unique and beautiful that they will always be in demand. The supply-side is drying up.

You do the math.

(Besednice is pronounced "Bes ed neet' sa").

A comment regarding pricing: While moldavites are widely sold by the gram, we strive to select only the finest specimen-grade pieces we can find. We sort(ed) (past tense) through thousands annually, and bought only the twenty or thirty individuals that we considered best. These are sold as specimens, priced according to quality. If you see a piece that seems highly priced on a per-gram basis, rest assured that it is truly exceptional. We don't carry bulk moldavite scraps, so if you are looking for that kind of stuff, look no further here. If you want a classic piece of an increasingly rare material, we're working for you! Occasionally when we order a lot sight unseen direct from the Czech Republic, we get a few that we wouldn't have selected first-hand. You will find these discounted in the list below.

The pieces below are listed from heaviest to lightest, and prices generally correspond. We do have another page of moldavite teardrops, and also a selection of quality pieces from other localities that are not yet listed at all, so ask if you don't find what you want---.

OUR LATEST ADDITIONS can be recognized by a cloudy blue sky background and a "2013" in the specimen number. When inquiring about a piece, please be sure to cite the full number as shown as there are a lot of duplicate weights.

(Posted measurement is the maximum dimension for the specimen. ))

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Top Shelf Museum Pieces! Brand new inventory added February 2014
We didn't expect to see specimens like these ever again. In 2011, we bought ONE decent piece, the year before, two or three. But to our delight, 10 2012 a former owner of the Besednice property decided to let go of part of his private collection. We skimmed the cream off of several hundred pieces, made a trip to the bank, and bought as though it might be the last time (which is a strong probability, not just a possibility). This may represent your last opportunity to buy Besednice specimens of this quality. These are all absolutely amazing pieces of exceptionally rare beauty. Included below are several of the finest specimens we have ever offered (or seen anywhere).

We're not big on the metaphysical side of this passion, but it seems true that these individuals tend to pick their owners and not the other way around. If one of these gets a solid hook in your lip, it's over. Just skip eating for a month and send the money. It will prove to be a choice you won't regret. We've been there, and still cherish the one we bought at what was then an absurd price a long time ago. No buyer's remorse on that one!

I have traveled the world and love the beauty of nature in every kingdom; great Besednice Moldavites rank high in the list of the most beautiful natural objects on this planet. You will not find a finer selection offered anywhere. Enjoy! We hope one chooses you----

NOTE: July 6, 2016: I have gone through the inventory piece by piece and updated all "sold" items. If you see the symbol "©", it means I located the specimen and it is currently available.

12.0 gms $700 Sold

New Listing December 2013! Remarkable skin texture. No chips.Convex upper surface, nearly planar base. We rarely see quality Besednices of this size. This one was recently obtained from a new supplier we are trying for the first time (and we're pretty pleased!) This is a superb piece.
9.2 gms $500

New Listing February 2014!
8.9 gms $600

New Listing February 2014!
8.2 gms $650Sold

 Angel wing! A large, thin plate with delicate ornamentation.
6.5 gms $550

This is a remarkably beautiful piece with delicate ornamentation and deeply etched border notches.
6.2 gms $295Sold

 These truncated triangles are a common Besednice theme. Here is a very nice one with the symmetry of shape and etching that you should expect of a great Besednice.
5.8 gms $290Sold

 Another classic Besednice morphology. Great piece!
5.6 gms $650Sold

5.3 gms $275Sold

 Here's another truncated triangle to pair with #Bes2013_0620AA above. Once again, highly symmetrical in both form and ornamentation.
5.2 gms $200

5.1 gms $250Sold

 You've gotta love these things! A deeply colored beauty with exceptionally deep and rugged etching. Superb specimen.
4.25 gms $350Sold

 How cool is this one? If you've got a "C" or "G" in your life, this is for you! a most unique and unusual stone! Mount it in a silver setting and let it do it's magic----Sold
3.7 gms $150

 There's a limit to how many of these gorgeous beauties I can describe in a single sitting. I keep falling in love. What a sweetie!
3.5 gms $300Sold

 This is one patiently waiting for its real owner. The pleasing whirlpool symmetry is stunning.
3.4 gms $125

This delicate lace has a natural hole. These are an amazing balance between fragile and stunning!

Dozens of first class new specimens have been added to the following table (February 2013 & 2014); They can be recognized by the 2013 or 2014 prefix in the catalog number.

11.1 gms!

51.0 mm©
New Listing December 2013!

# Bes1110: $350 A beautifully Besednice teardrop! Cylindrical cross-section; highly symmetrical. The color in the image is a bit off. The actual color is very much like the specimens below. The ornamentation is deep; there are a couple of reflective internal fractures, but no external chips. Quite a superb teardrop for this locality!


9.6 gms

41.0 mm ©
# Bes04096: $192 A beautifully ornamented curved triangle


9.2 gms

32.5 mm ©
 #Bes04092a: $184 A thicker hedgehog form. Quite irregular.


 9.2 gms

31.2 mm©
 #Bes04092b: $195 A disk with nice color and great ornamentation. The pie-wedge gap reflects a ruptured bubble. There are some glassy chips along the bubble edge, visible only from the "back" side.
7.5 gms©  #Bes2013_0750: $215 Quite thin, so you get a very big piece for the money.

7.4 gms

50.6 mm©

#Bes05074b: $210; A fine, classic specimen! gently curved like a big claw---


7.4 gms

27.5 mm ©
 #Bes04074b: $200 Another thick-bodied "hog" with a large breached bubble cavity behind the light-colored projection high on the left side.

6.8 gms

37.8 mm©
#Bes05068: $205 Nicer than the picture looks. This is a fine example of all that Besednice should be. Deeply, sharply, beautifully ornamented.

6.6 gms

34.3 mm©

#Bes05066: $160 Price reduced due to two glassy chips (broken spines). Curved like a crescent moon.
5.6 gms©  #Bes2013-0560: $200 Fabulous symmetry in both form and ornamentation.
5.5 gms©  #Bes2013-0550: $200 A long thin willow-leaf. A big one for the money!


 5.5 gms

37.5 mm©
#Bes05055: $110; Very typical Besednice.


 5.4 gm

33.0 mm©
 #Bes04054: $135; A cylindrical hedgehog. Sharp!


5.0 gms

29.5 mm ©
 #Bes04050a: $150; A sharply ornamented slightly dished diamond shape.
4.9 gms© #Bes2012-049; $150; A great Besednice teardrop!
4.8 gms


New Listing February 2014!

4.8 gms


#Bes05048B: $150. Sold Beautiful piece. Couple of small glassy chips on reverse, flawless front.
4.7 gms©  #Bes2013-0470: $150. That darker colored nose is where the blade curls around to double in thickness. Each piece is unique---
4.7 gms© #Bes2012-047; $145 Nice teardrop shape with a made-for-wirewrap groove (the lighter horizontal band in the photo).
4.6 gms©  #Bes2013-0460: $150. A nice rectangular blade. Deeply serrated borders.
4.5 gms© #Bes2012-045; $110. Crescent shaped in end view.
4.3 gms sold #Bes2012-043; $120. Very classic deep ornamentation

4.3 gms

34.5 mm©

#Bes05043: $125
4.0 gms©


New Listing February 2014!

4.0 gms

35.2 mm©

#Bes7040A: Slightly curved rectangular plate. $115


3.9 gms

37.6 mm© 
 #Bes05039: $125; A fine, classic Besednice.
3.8 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
3.8 gms© #Bes2012-038; $115

3.8 gms


#Bes7038: There's a sharp point hidden in my index finger--- $115


 3.7 gms

38.6 mm©
 #Bes05037: $120; Very interesting thicker free-form shape. Deeply spined.
3.6 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
3.6 gms© #Bes2012-036a; $110. Interesting curved-blade shape

3.6 gms

34.8 mm©
#Bes05036B: $135: Perfect slightly curved willow-leaf. A classic Besednice form.

3.6 gms

37.4 mm©

#Bes7036: Sharp point at top. Exceptionally thin, so you get a lot of acreage for the weight. $95

3.6 gms

28.8 mm©

#Bes05036: $100 Nice ornamentation
3.5 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
3.5 gms© #Bes2012-035b; $105. Nice ornamentation
3.5 gms© #Bes2012-035a; $130. A very nice piece, fairly thick with a deep longitudinal groove.

3.4 gms

33.4 mm©

#Bes05034: $90 One small glassy chip

3.3 gms

31.6 mm©

#Bes05033: $115; Interesting "U"-shaped pits, like a woodcarver's gouge marks.
3.2 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
3.2 gms (b)©


New Listing February 2014!
3.2 gms (c)©


New Listing February 2014!

Not Besednice, probably Chlum. Look at that twist!
3.2 gms© #Bes2012-032; $80

3.2 gms

33.7 mm©

#Bes7032: Nice, deeply ornamented. $95
3.1 gms© #Bes2012-031; $125. A very spiny teardrop. Great shape!

3.1 gms

32.0 mm©

#Bes05031a: $90
3.0 gms (a)© #Bes2012-030; $100. Symmetrical diamond-shape
3.0 gms (b)© #Bes2013-030b; $105. Nice thickish blad with a half-twist.
2.9 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-029a; $95.Thin curved piece with very nice symmetry
2.9 gms (c) sold #Bes2012-029c; $90. Symmetrical curved plate with classic ornamentation.
2.9 (d) gms© #Bes2012-029d; $80. Thin plate, so you get relatively large surface area


 2.9 gms

40.6 mm©
#Bes05029: $100; A thin angel fish! Sweet.
2.9 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
2.9 gms (b)©


New Listing February 2014!
2.8 gms


New Listing February 2014!
2.8 gms©  #Bes2013-028; $90. A beautiful nearly flat plate
2.8 gms© #Bes2012-028; $80. Curved crescent-shape in side view.

2.8 gms

28.2 mm©

#Bes7028c: Good deep spiny ornamentation. $80

2.8 gms

37.3 mm©

#Bes7028d: Slightly tapering rectangular plate. Great jewelry piece. $85


2.8 gms

27.2 mm ©
# Bes05028: $75 Thin, squarish plate with nice surface character.
2.7 gms© #Bes2012-027a; $70. Nice triangular plate
2.7 gms© #Bes2012-027b; $70 Quite perfectly matched in weight, dimensions and shape with #2012-027d below. Unique earrings anyone? These really belong together as a set!
2.7 gms© #Bes2012-027c; $80. Saddle-shaped with a longitudinal half-bubble along one edge.
2.7 gms© #Bes2012-027d; $70. Quite perfectly matched in weight, dimensions and shape with #2012-027b above.
2.6 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
2.6 gms©  #Bes2013-026a; $105. Glossy, deeply ornamented stunner. Even the wholesaler quoted a per-piece specimen price for this one!
2.6 gms© #Bes2012-026a; $65. Triangular plate.
2.6 gms© #Bes2012-026b; $95. Fantastic modernistic guitar shape! Quite well matched with #2012-024a below (but this one is more deeply sculpted). One of my favorite pieces of the 2012 acquisitions.

2.6 gms

37.7 mm©

#Bes05026a: $75

2.6 gms

27.6 mm©

#Bes7026: Deep opposed side-notches could make for a neat wire-wrap jewel. $80
2.5 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-025a; $70. Flawless.
2.5 gms (c)©  #Bes2013-025c; $80. Remarkably thin with exceptionally pretty etch patterns.
2.5 gms© #Bes2012-025a; $60. A thick hedgehog.
2.5 gms© #Bes2012-025b; $50. Another free-standing hedgehog. Has small glassy chip on base.

2.5 gms

31.4 mm©
#Bes05025C: $75. Fine, sharply ornamented piece.

2.5 gms

30.1 mm©
#Bes05025D: $75. Attractive, finely detailed surface pattern.

2.5 gms


#Bes05025A: $80. A comma-shaped curl when viewed from the edge.

2.5 gms


#Bes05025B: $80. Thin, ornate form. Beautiful.
2.4 gms©  #Bes2013-024; $80. Exceptionally beautiful little triangle with deep etching and a nice gloss.
2.4 gms© #Bes2012-024a; $90. Beautiful thin triangular plate with high symmetry. Compare with #2012-026b above. Very similar in size and shape, although this one is less bizarre in edge notching.
2.4 gms© #Bes2012-024b; $60. A classic little Besednice.
2.3 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
2.3 gms (b)©


New Listing February 2014!
2.3 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-023a; $80. Superb little piece with delicate spines
2.3 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-023b; $80. Nice sunburst geometry
2.3 gms© #Bes2012-023a; $70. Pleasing twisted ribbon form. Free-standing.
2.3 gms© #Bes2012-023b; $80. Remarkable spiny piece with a prominent medial groove. Very nive specimen!
2.3 gms© #Bes2012-023c; $75. Great deeply ornamented example.

2.3 gms

29.1 mm©
#Bes05023A: $60. Nice leaf-like symmetry.

2.3 gms

25.7 mm©

#Bes7023: Is it a bird or a turtle? $55


2.3 gms

22.5 mm ©
 #Bes05023: $55; A miniature "hog".
2.2 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-022a; $60. A slender, deeply etched teardrop.
2.2 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-022b; $55. Thin flat plate
2.2 gms (c)©  #Bes2013-022c; $55. Moderately dished leaf-shape
2.2 gms (d)
#Bes2013-022d; $55. Sold Deeply sculpted, flawless!
2.2 gms© #Bes2012-022a; $75. Classic willow-leaf symmetry. Very pleasing little classic.
2.2 gms© #Bes2012-022b; $65 Nicely ornamented plate.
2.2 gms© #Bes2012-022c; $75. A thicker piece that calls up images of the rising phoenix!

2.2 gms

31.4 mm©
#Bes05022B: $55. Arrow-head or Christmas tree shape, unusual very fine textured pitting.
2.1 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
2.1 gms©  #Bes2013-021; $65. Great little willow-leaf.
2.1 gms© #Bes2012-021a; $75. Here is a truly spectacular piece. The picture speaks for itself. See the near-twin to this piece below: #2012-021d.
2.1 gms© #Bes2012-021b; $50. Nicely ornamented.
2.1 gms© #Bes2012-021c; $45. A flat-bottomed little dome.
2.1 gms© #Bes2012-021d; $70. Almost a twin to #2012-021a above. These two are a remarkable set, virtually identical in weight and dimensions.

2.1 gms

23.1 mm©
#Bes05021: $55. Sweet little starburst! Jewelry?


2.1 gms

27.6 mm ©
#Bes04021a: $55 Another exceptionally thin plate.


2.1 gms

27.5 mm ©
 #Bes04021b: $55 A nice miniature,

2.1 gms


#Bes05021A: $60. Quite symmetrical kite-shape.

2.1 gms©


#Bes05021B: $60. Thin, curved like a thin crescent moon in edge view.
2.1 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
2.0 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-020b; $45. A pretty little leaf.
2.0 gms© #Bes2012-020a; $55. A slightly curved willow-leaf form.


 2.0 gms

36.3 mm©
#Bes05020C: $60 Huge for its weight due to exceptional thinness.
1.9 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.9 gms (b)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.9 gms (a) sold  #Bes2013-019a; $40. Thin, flat plate
1.9 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-019b; $45. Very glossy with delicate feather-edges. Comma-shaped in cross-section.
1.9 gms (c)©  #Bes2013-019c; $45. Very pleasing cylindrical stone.
1.9 gms (d)© New Listing December 2013!

#Bes2013-019d; $45. The ornamentation on this piece reminds me of an Anda-type Philippinite. Fairly flat triangular plate. Flawless.
1.8 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
1.8 gms© #Bes2012-018a; $50. A classic little Besednice.
1.8 gms© #Bes2012-018b; $50. A relatively equidimensional spiny hedgehog.

1.8 gms©

33.4 mm
#Bes05018B: $55: Ultra-thin curved plate. Some of the ornamentation has etched clear through forming several natural holes. You get a very large piece for the weight. Interesting.
1.7 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.7 gms (b)


New Listing February 2014!
1.7 gms (c)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.7 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-017a; $40. A symmetrical tipi-shaped flat plate
1.7 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-017b; $40. beautifully ornamented triangle with slight curvature
1.7 gms© #Bes2012-017a; $50. Another very pleasing classic-form Besednice.
1.7 gms© #Bes2012-017b; $40. A thick-bodied sharply-ornamented apostrophe shape.
1.7 gms (d)

#Bes2012-017d; $60 SoldPart of a trial shipment from a new European supplier, this one is drop-dead gorgeous. Everything a Besednice should be---wonderful leafy symmetry and classic skin ornamentation. Flawless. This one won't last long at this price!
1.6 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
1.6 gms© #Bes2012-016a; $35. A nice thin triangle.
1.6 gms© #Bes2012-016b; $35. classic Besednice character.
1.6 gms© #Bes2012-016c; $45. Very sweet and pleasing piece!
1.6 gms© #Bes2012-016d; $35. Nice ornamentation.

1.6 gms©

37.4 mm

#Bes7016a: Remarkably ornate and deep-spined. $45

1.6 gms©

23.0 mm

#Bes7016b: A sweet little gem. $45
1.5 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
1.5 gms (a)©  #Bes2013-015a; $40. Another beautifully symmetrical gem.
1.5 gms (b)©  #Bes2013-015b; $35. A thin, slightly curved plate with interesting U-shaped grooving.
1.5 gms (c)©  #Bes2013-015c; $40. A gem with sharp spines.
1.5 gms© #Bes2012-015a; $35. A perfect little equilateral triangle plate.
1.5 gms© #Bes2012-015b; $30. rmarkable preservation of fragile thin fins.
1.5 gms© #Bes2012-015c; $35. A glossy, very thin plate. Could be great jewelry piece with a silver backing---

1.5 gms

25.1 mm©

#Bes7015a: Gently curved plate. $40

1.5 gms

24.7 mm©

#Bes7015b: Nice symmetry. Sharp tips hidden in my fingers top and bottom. $40
1.4 gms (a)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.4 gms (b)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.4 gms (c)©


New Listing February 2014!
1.4 gms©  #Bes2013-014; $35. Thin, slightly curved, interesting form.
1.4 gms© #2Bes012-014; $35. Beautiful curved leaf shape.

1.4 gms

23.0 mm
#Bes05014: $30SOLD: Triangular little jewel
1.3 gms©  #Bes2013-013; $35. Beautiful rectangular flat plate
1.3 gms© #Bes2012-013; $30. Deeply ornamented equilateral triangle plate.
1.2 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
1.2 gms©  #Bes2013-012; $35. An amazing miniature Besednice! Fabulous form and symmetry.

1.2 gms

26.9 mm©
#Bes05012: $35: Very neat little classic.
1.1 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
1.0 gms


New Listing February 2014!

Skeleton of a teardrop!
0.9 gms©


New Listing February 2014!
©0.9 gms #Bes2012-009a; $20. Gossamer-thin plate. Relatively huge for its weight.
0.8 gms


New Listing February 2014!
0.65 gms©  #Bes2013-006; $18. The Besednice hedgehogs have quills, (a sequel----)!

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the classics that we have previously sold. Congrats to the proud owners!

10.3 gms

46.5 mm 
#04103: Spectacular. One of our best pieces! Fabulous symmetry. Thin, square plate

with one truncated corner. SOLD
9.0 gms

7.4 gms

6.0 gms $450SOLD


5.0 gms

70.7 mm 
#05050: Whoa! Amazing classic willow-leaf form. Thin and sharply spined. An outrageous piece by any standard. Sold. He who hesitates is lost---


13.7 gms

55.1 mm 
 #04137: SOLD Look close. An amazing piece. A uniformly thin, curving plate with spectacular ornamentation. Impressively big for its weight. One of our best.


8.7 gms

41.7 mm 
 #04087: A stunning, flawless, deeply ornamented specimen. Everything a great Besednice should be! Gorgeous piece. Sold

6.3 gms

45.6 mm
 #04063: Tissue thin spine plates along either side of the top edge (in the image) cradle a bubble cavity. A one-in-a-thousand chance for flawless survival, but this one made it. As delicate a specimen as you will ever see, with very pleasing form! Sold
  14.3 gms

60.3 mm

#7143: Amazing flawless fan-shaped plate. And HUGE!SOLD

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