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This is the most difficult page I've ever built. Australites got us started in this manic passion, and we have a fabulous collection, thousands of which we collected personally. As a collector, it is very hard to part with anything that is one of a kind. When you know them well, every one tends to be an individual and as unique as different children. I will, however, try to share them. Beware ye who tread here! I will impart a bit of knowledge as we go, and you could get sucked in!

Introduction: Australites are part of the 780,000 year australasian event, and are mostly unique in their flight-ablated character. These flew all the way from somewhere in southern China (or that general neighborhood) and saw more atmosphere than any other tektite type. All of the primary forms familiar in Lei gong mo and Indochinites are represented, but most have been greatly modified by atmospheric friction. They are irregularly distributed through Australia and Tasmania, and show troubling morphological, compositional, and temporal rays and clusters. There are archaeological and stratigraphic conflicts regarding their age. You can go to one dry lake and find hundreds in a day. Nearby, you can spend weeks and find nothing. One area has an unusual abundance of some particular form. Nearby, those are virtually absent, but some other form predominates. After a couple thousand miles of flight, why should this be? Shouldn't a shotgun create a reasonably random pattern? The whole tektite subject has been problematic for generations, and the Australites nicely capture and expand this theme.

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Thermal ablation CORES (ready)

Lenses (In prep)

Elongates, Patellates, Dumbells (In prep)

Teardrops (In prep)

Irregulars (In prep)

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