Anda-like Indochinites

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A real Anda "Anda" (see our Bikolite/Rizalite page to buy these)

H. Otley Beyer, the father of Philippine tektite research, first described a peculiar radiating bow-tie-like skin ornamentation composed of a series of parallel to flaring groove clusters from the Anda region of Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippines.

One of the most beautiful of all tektite decorations, "Andas" are spectacular, quite rare, (and expensive). In the years since Beyer's 1954 introduction, identical skin patterns have been occasionally noted on specimens from China, Vietnam, and Thailand. True Andas need to be from Anda, but these others we term "Anda-like". They are even more rare.

There is remarkably little research or commentary or even speculation regarding the origin of this peculiar pattern that strongly resembles the chew-marks of a rodent. It seems to be related to etching by terrestrial chemicals as it overprints most if not all primary surfaces, even the interiors and broken edges of burst bubbles.

But these are extremely rare (outside of Anda where more than half of all specimens found show it) so what is so special? The Anda region is underlain by limestones, so it's not soil
acids. Maybe alkaline conditions?  Even so, why etch out the cute little bow-ties? They tend to be in radiating arrays, so one control involves geometrical cooling stresses, but beyond that, nothing that anyone has said satisfies me, and I have nothing to offer.

Anda- and Anda-like ornamentation is just another of the tektite world's trade-mark mysteries! This is why we love 'em!

Another real Anda "Anda"

An "Anda-like" Thailandite (55.4 gms, below)

"Indochinites" is a bit of a cop-out word, but it is also an attempt at honesty. At this point in history, specimens are flowing from China, Thailand, and Vietnam, and often reach wholesalers in hopelessly mixed form. It is rare that we can provide provenance details that we trust. If we're not sure, we don't pretend. Instead we say what we can. These are from somewhere in China, Vietnam, or Thailand. ="Indochinites".

 26.6 gms

 This is a great "Anda-like" for it's size. Great rodent-chews and flawless.
 29.9 gms

 Another stupendous example! Great rodent-chews, utterly flawless with great skin gloss.
 32.4 gms

 The radial symmetry is clear, but the rodent-chews are not evident in this specimen. A good example of an early-stage Anda-like.
34.7 gms 

$175 Sold
 This is a spherical form with rodent-chews in the base of most hemispheric pits. A superb piece. Super glossy all over. Very high quality.
35.6 gms

 Early-stage incipient Anda-etching. It's clearly there on one side, just starting on the other.
 40.4 gms

 A glossy high-quality disc with clearly radiating ornamentation, but only traces of parallel grooving.
 41.1 gms

$90 Sold
 Good rodent-chews, but marred by some glassy chips on one side.
 43.1 gms

$ not for sale
 We may keep this one for now------
 43.6 gms

 A great one. Virtually every pit has at least a double groove. Very nice.
 45.6 gms

 The radial "Anda-like pattern is evident, but only traces of parallel grooving.
49.2 gms 

A brilliantly glossy ball with local traces of grooving in the pits. Not a strong "Anda-like", but a very great tektite. 
55.4 gms 

$450 Sold
 Okay, now we're serious. This is a top-shelfer and anyone who would sell it should be locked up for observation indefinitely. A truly great piece. Flawless.
59.3 gms 

$125 Sold
 It's got the radial symmetry, and subtle double-grooving. An incipient Anda-like.
65.3 gms

$475 Sold
 The picture speaks for itself. Incredibly sharp, deep, highly-defined bow-ties. This is a killer piece. Flawless.
74.5 gms

 Really, really nice rodent-chewed pits all over the entire piece. Flawless. Fantastic. Transitional bar to teardrop form.
178.7 gms

$400 Sold
 One of a kind. I haven't seen others quite like this. The etching is amazingly detailed, sharp, and beaded in appearance. The radial pattern of an Anda is clear, but the tiny beading is stunning and most unusual. Plus it's a big tektite.