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Brought to you by Norm & Cookie Lehrman

We are back in action. I have finally retired and moved back home.


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December 25, 2016: I've been having trouble with our website editor. You may find some pages are behind on updates. Sorry! Just email me to confirm availabilities

February, 2017: All, I have been slow getting this website updated and new material posted, but I am working on it. Not yet shown are nearly a hundred moldavite teardrops, Lots more Saffordites (which sell out before I can post them!), Billitonites, Besednice queens, LDG, Australites, Fulgurites, Bikolites, and thousands of other pieces. If I haven't updated your favorite lists, let me know of your interests.

Note 9/19/2015 BELIZE Tektites: I now have a source for backorders. Let me know if you want me to find one for you.

New Healdsburgite page added May 12, 2015


Atacamaites. New impact Glass (We have the best inventory on Earth)

now posted 2/20/2015

More Saffordite Arizonaites, 4/1/2016, Ask. not yet posted

Atacamaite Prices now posted

Click here for a short Tucson 2014 show report

To be posted soon: 3 (one sold before I posted the first picture___) 2 Belize Tektites---these make Ivory Coasts look abundant!

March 21, 2014: A splashform Muong Nong Tektite---maybe a first???

February 17, 2014: New page of self-collected Saffordites (Arizonaites) posted, More coming---

February 14, 2014: More fabulous Besednice posted
February 13, 2014: Super-rare Ivory Coast Tektites added. Don't delay! More coming---
February 13, 2014: New Locenice Moldavite page added. Amazing specimens!

December 18, 2013: We just added some super Besednices from a new European supplier!

February 26, 2013 Zhamanshin glass slabs just added to the Irghizite page

February 26, 2013 New Arizonaite/Saffordite inventory added. More coming---

February 25, 2013 Henbury Australia Impact Scoria added.

February 20, 2013 New Rizalite (Philippinites) added, including a 566.9 gm monster.

February 18, 2013
Besednice Moldavite page fully revised and new inventory (61 pieces) added.

February 18, 2013 Libyan Desert Glass fully revised and new inventory (42 pieces) added.

January 8, 2013 Starburst Ray, Dragon-Track, and impact skin-splits page

December 30, 2012 A totally new page of Anda-like Indochinites added---

December 29, 2012 New Bubble Blisters added to updated Controversial Tektite Features Page

December 19, 2012 Argentine Escoria page fully updated with addition of Chasico, La Poloma (Uruguay) and Monte Hermosa pieces.

November 27, 2012 Bediasite page fully updated adding some of the finest pieces you are ever likely to see!

February 18, 2012: We have just completed a full update of the Besednice Moldavite page and have added nearly 100 new specimens including some of the finest museum pieces we have ever offered! This is a rare and possibly final opportunity to acquire Besednices of this quality! New inventory also added to Moldavite Teardrops page.

February 22, 2012: New page of Thailandite common varieties added.

February 28, 2012:Great new inventory added to the Libyan Desert Glass page

March 1, 2012: Fantastic Bikolite soccerballs added to the Bikolite/Rizalite page. Smaller Bikolites section updated 3/14/12

March 19, 2012: All new page of Egyptian Dakhleh Glass added.

April 19, 2012: New inventory added to Sikhote Alin Bullet Page.

August 7, 2012: We have just added over 40 new specimens to the Javanite page. Truly rare pieces!

December 29, 2011

We're back. The long African commute is over. Norm has retired from his day job. I'll be working on a major overhaul and update of the website over the next few weeks months. Thanks for your patience!

February 8, 2012:

2012Tucson show Against all expectations, we got some great new top-shelf Besednice Moldavites. As usual, Cookie found the trophy of the trip, a superb stretch Indochinite!

Click for a larger view. Offers will be considered. Sold!

1/18/07 New informational page on Tektite Specific Gravity added with do it yourself details. How to check for bubbles and get clues pertaining to provenance. Click Here to go There.

To place orders or ask questions, email us at nlehrman@nvbell.net

We accept payment via Paypal

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We specialize in Tektites and closely related materials. While our emphasis is on exceptionally high quality specimens and pricing is mostly by the piece rather than by the gram, we try to offer materials in a broad range of prices and qualities. Whether you're a discriminating collector, an educator, a researcher, or just getting started, have a look at our catalog. You will find this site to be an exceptional educational resource. Enjoy!

At any point in time we have an assortment of a few hundred items described. We have an inventory of about 100,000 tektites on hand, so e-mail inquiries regarding the particular objects of your passion. We may well have what you're looking for! We can supply some materials in bulk quantities; Please inquire.

*** The Tektite Source***

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Basic Tektite Infomation

Locality Map

Is my unknown a Tektite? How can I tell?

Tektite Specific Gravity; New informational page January 2007

General Catalog page
. (Mostly replaced by individual subject pages below, but still has a nice variety to browse)

Darryl Futrell Collection: World class museum/research collection SOLD TO NEW MUSEUM, Charlevoix, Quebec!

Now Alphabetical:

Amerikanites / Colombianites 20 new ones received, will post in Feb. 2015

Anda-like Indochinites

Aouelloul glass.

Argentine Escoria / Chapadmalal Impactite fully updated with new material December 19, 2012

Arizonaites_Saffordites New Page 1/20/2015 Lots more to post in February!

Atacamaites---BRAND NEW IMPACT GLASS Our Newest Page,Look quick!

Australites; general info page

Australite Thermal Ablation Cores

Australite Flanged Buttons (new inventory received 2015, not yet posted)

Bikolites , Rizalites, & Andas page massively updated 3/14/2012 with new additions February 20, 2013

BEDIASITE PAGE. Biggest inventory anywhere, updated November 27, 2012

BESEDNICE Moldavite page; Page fully updated February 16, 2014; MAJOR new inventory added;

Bulk Indochinite Tektites by the kilo. (Revised 3/14/14)

Controversial Tektite Features (Bubble Blisters)fully updated with new material December 29, 2012

Colombianites new page 2/18/2015!

Dakhleh Glass (Egypt) ALL NEW PAGE ADDED MARCH 19, 2012

Darwin glass page



Healdsburgites (pseudotektites similar to Colombianites & Saffordites) NEW PAGE MAY 2015

Henbury Craters, Australia Impact Scoria (new page 2/25/2013)

Hollow,bubble-cored Lei gong mo spheres (Quarter kilo monster added 2/26/06!)

Irghizites and Zhamanshinite (Zhamanshin glass added to page 2/26/2013)

Javanites more just posted 7 August 2012

Ivory Coast Tektites: new specimens posted February 13, 2014. First come, first served until they are gone forever!

Locenice Moldavite: stunning new material just obtained February 2014, rivals Besednice!

Libyan Desert Glass Page fully updated February 18, 2012; MAJOR new inventory added

LEI GONG MO MONSTERS! 30 Dumbells over 100 gms!

Malaysian Tektites

Meteorites ! NWA Stonys , Campo del Cielos, Imilacs, and Nantans

Muong Nongs (Layered tektites)

My FIRST Meteorite Find: the illustrated story

My First Majuba Meteorite find????

Mystery rock 2013

Monturaqui Impact Glass (New 10 to 36 gm specimens received 3/2/06)

Moldavite Teardrops 55 new ones to post in Feb. 2015

New Arizona Meteorite

Philippinites (Rizalites,Bikolites, Andas)

Popigai Suevite slabs coming soon, Feb. 2015

Saffordites/Arizonaites Also visit our new Arizonaite-Saffordite page (2015) many new ones to post Feb. 2016
SIKHOTE ALIN Meteorites: New Flight-Oriented BULLETS New inventory added April 19, 2012

Sky Rox collection sets, NEW PAGE

Stretch (Taffy-cored) Tektites

Starburst Rays and skin-splits Full page update with new inventory added January 8, 2013
Tektite Artifacts and Talismans [Thief Alert!]

Thailandite common varieties

Tibetan Tektites; Monk's meditation stones. ALL are sold.

Trinitite A-bomb glass!

WABAR GLASS: The Pearls of Al'Ad.

Ordering information :
Please email us at nlehrman@nvbell.net to confirm availability. We accept payments via Paypal, or by snailmail as money orders, and in most cases, personal checks. Shipping and insurances costs may be extra.

IMCA #4946

Wabar glass, Besednice moldavites, Flanged Australite buttons, Georgiaites, Bediasites, Tibetanites, Libyan Desert Glass, Darwin glass, Irghizites, Aouelloul glass, Monturaqui glass, and LUNKER Lei gong mo (with dumbells approaching a half kilo!!!!!)


So just what IS a tektite?? This is the Info Page.


FLASH!! Remember Nininger's taffy-cored Boomerangs??? AKA "Stretch Tektites"??? HERE ARE SOME! Click Here

Click on this text for an image of the best of a half-tonne Thai shipment!

1. Catalog & price list: Click on this.This is a good variety page, but I'm shifting towards mostly category pages---

2. CURRENT SPECIAL FEATURE: Starburst Rays info & catalog. Click here! More neat offerings...

3. Super Rarities Catalog. Click here!

Following is a small sampling of gallery photos from our collections. Most images are linked to blow-ups. Click on the small image to view the latter on a new page. Close that page to return

Flanged Australite Australite flanged buttons are the most coveted tektite morphology in the world. There is a particular size range wherein spherical tektites re-entering the atmosphere melt on the frontal surface, and the viscous liquid streams back and curls into the pressure eddy at the shoulders, forming the distinctive flying-saucer rims. Rarely, these rims survive impact. A small fraction of this small fraction (of the small fraction that were the right size to begin with---) endure the nearly 800,000 years of abuse on the earth's surface unscathed. These are the trophies. I had to trade my youngest daughter's hand in marriage for the one on the left. No kidding.

Besednice Moldavite Here is an absolutely flawless, stunning Moldavite from Besednice, Czech Republic. The Besednice Moldavites are widely held to be the finest found and the beautiful emerald-green glass is sometimes faceted as a gem---but with natural ornamentation like this, I find it hard to consider that an improvement. The Moldavites are considered to be related to meteorite impact at the Ries crater in Germany at about 15 million years. Moldavites were found in association with the famous Venus of Willendorf (Austria) archaeological site dated at about 29,000 years. Tektite collecting is an ancient tradition!

Many years ago, I saw this one for sale in a nature shop, but couldn't afford it at the time. I called my family over to view it, and remarked that it was probably the finest moldavite that they would ever see. I also added some comment to the effect that not buying it would probably haunt me . It did. One year later we visited the same shop again, and it was still there. I told the shop owner that I couldn't believe it had not yet sold. She suggested that it was still waiting for its "real" owner, and had made itself invisible to everyone else. I replied that the "real" owner was back to claim the prize, and started counting out the money--- Today I wouldn't accept 10 times what I paid for it.

Georgiaite! Easily one of the finest Georgiaites known, this spectacular teardrop is a flawless 17.9 gms. It has been featured in two textbooks. I bought it directly from the finder a couple of years ago. The total known number of Georgiaites in captivity is fewer than 1500. These, along with Texan Bediasites are related to a 34.5 million year impact in Chesapeake Bay. Be sure to click the image for a larger view of this beauty.

Central Stone of King Tut's Breastplate!

Libyan Desert Glass is another uniquely beautiful material. Found in one ofLibyan Desert Glass the most remote and inhospitable regions on earth, collection requires a journey of 1000 kilometers across billowing sand seas from the nearest roadways. If you carry enough fuel and water for 2500 kms, you might get out alive. Somehow, the ancient Egyptians found and retrieved this magical glass. Related to meteorite impact about 28.5 million years ago, this exceptionally high-silica content glass has been sculpted and polished by eons of wind-blown sand.

We've had the chance to personally collect heaps of
Australites in the stinking hot, fly-infested, remote, blindingly-white dry lakes and salt flats of the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia (about as close as you can get to heaven on this planet!). This is recommended as a great way to gain a first-hand understanding of the reason why Australites are so expensive and rarely found on the market. That's also a feeble explanation for the fact that we've not yet listed many Australites for sale, despite a stock of several thousand. I couldn't possible charge what they're worth to the finders (us)!!!

Brought to you by Norm & Cookie Lehrman, who's manic collecting habits have resulted in a host of eccentric mannerisms and peculiar facial tics. It remains to be seen if a venture into commerce such as this can effectively counter or even postpone significantly the necessity of their move into a tent in the backyard in order that there might be adequate space for the burgeoning collections indoors.